Upgrades | How Do I Upgrade My Apartment Electrical System?

How Do I Upgrade My Apartment Electrical System?

Updating Your Electrical System – How, When and Why

When was the last time you checked on your electrical system condition? If it’s been a while, then the time to check it is now. Do not just assume that various elements of your electrical system, such as electrical cables and explosion proof enclosures, work well as they tend to wear out after a few years. If you live in an old home, or your current system can not meet the power needs of your family, then it’s time to upgrade your electrical system.

How to Update your Electrical System?

  • The first step is to upgrade your panel, by bringing more power to your home from the utility. You can remove the original meter and circuit breakers so it can handle more power or repair an outdated, damaged or unsafe electrical panel or circuit breaker. This allows your electrical system to be able to distribute more power without affecting the cabling inside the home.
  • The second move is to install additional circuits which will disperse the power to your rooms and appliances.
  • Updating the network can also require installing new power outlets and removing the cable, obsolete cable wires and receptacles that are used.

What Risks does a Malfunctioning Electrical System Pose

There are a number of reasons why malfunctioning, old or faulty wiring represents a huge problem for a few reasons. Some of them include:

  • An old electrical system creates a fire hazard which endangers you and your loved ones. Poor wiring is one of the major causes of house-fires. When the wiring is exposed or heated, or when sparks are produced, it ignites the materials around it which eventually leads to a large fire.
  • Grows the risk of electrocution. If the wiring becomes old, and there are signs of wear and tear, then the electrical current will not be properly transferred. They may have holes in the insulation. In both these cases the risk of electrocution will be severe.
  • Your electrical appliances’ lifespan will be significantly reduced, as the faulty wiring will not be able to manage the power in a safe manner, as it once did, and your appliances may be cut short. Furthermore, the faulty wiring and electrical system may not have the capacity to support modern appliances which will cause your washing machines, dishwashers and microwaves to quickly wear out.

The overall energy efficiency of your home will be cut dramatically. This will also show in your energy bills apart from destroying appliances.

Signs that you Need to Update your Electrical Panel

When you see any of the signs below, it’s time to upgrade the electrical network:

  1. Breakers tripping most of the time
  2. Fuses blowing repeatedly
  3. Constant flickering or dimming of lights
  4. A tingling sensation whenever you touch any electric appliance
  5. Outlets dry, discoloured or sparking
  6. A persistent smell of fire from a room or appliance
  7. Two-prong ungrounded outlets throughout the house
  8. No ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets in different rooms and moisture-exposed areas, e.g. kitchens and baths.

Considering Electrical Upgrades and Improvements for Your Home?

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