Top 10 Projects You Need Electricians For in Your Home

Top 10 Projects You Need Electricians For in Your HomeMany times, we try tackling a DIY project on our own thinking that it’s more cost effective but any wrong move can make it more time-consuming and burn a deeper hole in our wallets. When it comes to electrical work, there are certain projects that should be done by a licensed electrician like Frontline Electrical Services in Benicia, California. Not only is the work dangerous, but you run the risk of creating a fire hazard. An amateur job can have disastrous consequences. Here are 10 projects you should seek a pro for.

1. Circuit Breaker Upgrades

There are a set of skills that every good electrician has to understand to be a safe and effective contractor. They handle a wide range of electrical jobs and have a broad understanding of electric currents and the way in which they operate. Unless you know the difference between safety switches and circuit breakers, then leave upgrades to the professionals. Hire an electrician to upgrade your circuit breaker panel, especially if you’re adding new living space or if your home is old and the electricity is acting up. The job is extremely complicated and should never be attempted by an amateur.

“Hire an electrician to upgrade your circuit breaker panel, especially if you’re adding new living space or if your home is old and the electricity is acting up.”

2. Outdoor Lighting

While some new lights on the patio would make the ambiance more enjoyable, it’s common to hook the wiring on the wrong side or install it so that the outlet works but not the essential safety features. There is a risk of shocking yourself, but that risk significantly increases if you’re not a licensed professional. If you want to install lighting in the outdoors, call an electrician. A contractor can help you thread wiring to the outside if there was none before. They will make sure the wiring is properly grounded for the outdoors and can help you choose lighting that rated for the outdoors so it will withstand the elements.

“If you want to install lighting in the outdoors, call an electrician.”

3. Replacing Light Fixtures

A homeowner may be able to replace light fixtures, but there are a few instances where you should bring in professional help. First, check the amperage of the circuit and the wattage of the new fixture. If the amperage isn’t high enough to cover the wattage of your new light, you will need an additional wire run from your circuit breaker. Call a licensed electrician like Frontline Electrical Services for this kind of task to avoid any injuries or hazards. Some older home don’t have high-temperature insulation, which is required by many ceiling fixtures and the ceiling mounting needs to be strong enough to support that fixture.

4. Installing new lighting

Installing a new light fixture to save money can easily go wrong if you don’t know the basics of electricity. Not only is there a possibility of you getting shocked, but it can be more costly in the end due to fixing the mistakes. A mix of low-voltage and higher-voltage electrical products make electrical wiring even more complicated for a DIY job. Just leave it to an electrician (like Frontline Electrical Services).

5. Installing a GFCI Switch

A GFCI is the ground fault circuit interrupter which is the switch located where an outlet might come into contact with moisture. They are most likely in your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. Although reworking or installing a GFCI switch may seem straightforward to you, many switches have been redesigned or reformatted so the online how-to videos may not suit your particular switch. The installation should always be done by a professional because it is important for safety and electric shock hazard.

6. Adding outlets & USB ports

An electrician like Frontline Electrical Services in Benicia, California can install additional outlets in your home or convert any of the ones you have to GFCIs. Often, electrical code requires that at least one outlet in your bathroom and kitchen is a GFCI outlet, which is designed to shut off power if water comes in contact with the electricity or a load of electricity becomes unbalanced, preventing a shock. Improper grounding can result in fire or loss of power. If you need extra outlets, your electrician can install those for you. Adding outlets requires cutting into the wall and replacing part of the wiring – never do this on your own.

“Improper grounding can result in fire or loss of power.”

7. Installing switches & outlet covers

Installing light switches and outlet covers requires little knowledge of electrical work. Replacing outlet covers simply takes a screwdriver and some tutorials and how-tos online. However, if you’re not comfortable with replacing a switch yourself, call an electrician like Frontline Electrical Services in Benicia, California.

8. Proper Permits

You would be surprised to know that DIY home projects require permits. One of the reasons for this is to provide protection to whoever acquires the permit and to make sure the person doesn’t get injured. Doing DIY jobs like updating plumbing or electrical work incorrectly will lead to denied homeowner insurance claims too. Professionals know what safety routines to follow and are familiar with following protocol to be safe, and are well aware of all possible risks – ensure that you have the proper permits as required by most homeowner insurers but also make sure you have a licensed contractor.

9. Demolition

Taking a sledgehammer and tearing stuff down sounds quite fun! However, you can destroy vital support structure or even worse – hit electric wires. During demolition, it’s very important to be careful not to damage any essential parts to your home. Avoid this disaster completely.

10. Security Systems

A licensed electrician can make your system as efficient and effective as possible. They are not only able to minimize interference with signaling but they can also ensure that there is substantial access to power to keep your system running. An electrician can help you avoid any issue of interference by avoiding bad camera placement that will mess with the signal and they can attempt to create hardwired connections and route those wires through your walls to avoid any clutter. An electrician will help you avoid the issue of wiring your electrical components directly into your home’s power grid.

If you have a specific project in mind, try to find an electrician (like Frontline Electrical Services in Benicia, California) that has experience with such things and who have completed similar projects. Let an electrician deal with the actual electrical wiring of the house and the technicalities of your requested project.


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