Spring Cleaning: The Ultimate Electrical Safety Checklist for Your Home

Spring Cleaning: The Ultimate Electrical Safety Checklist for Your Home

Have you been thinking about the electrical health of your home? Spring is traditionally the time for spring cleaning, but at Frontline we also encourage our friends, family and customers to think of spring as the time to take a look at their electrical appliances and outlets to make sure everything is in tip-top shape and running safely.  It’s important to stay safe, so we put together a short checklist with some tips on how to take care of your home’s electrical health!

1. Change Batteries in Your Alarms

Make sure to check any smoke detectors and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors and replace their batteries if needed. Smoke detectors should be checked every month by testing them. If you can’t hear the alarm when tested, change the batteries. Carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced every five years. Pro-tip: use your phone’s calendar to set a reminder!

2. Inspect Electrical Cords

Organize the plug sockets, outlets, and extension cords. Make sure to unplug or turn off any of the unused electric appliances and gadgets you may have. This will help reduce your electric bill as well! Check for any frayed cords and replace them. If they’re not taken care of you can bet they can cause a fire. Also check for electric cables under the carpet as well, they can catch on fire too.

Check for any electrical outlets and light switches for any unusual smell, heat, or sound. If one of your outlets or switches puts off an unusual smell, there might be something burning from the lights. Immediately turn off the power and get it checked by a professional electrician, like the pros at Frontline Electrical Services.

3. Clean Out Air Vents

Inspect any air filters, space heaters, and humidifiers that you may have for cleaning. They might have built up dust inside over the winter and as spring approaches, they need more cleaning because of the increases pollen in the air. Make sure the furnace filter is clean as well. (One more reminder to set on your phone!) Also, make sure that the indoor and outdoor vents in your house are not blocked.

4. Check Your Kitchen and Other Areas

Start your spring cleaning in the kitchen area as this is the most used room in the house and most prone to start a fire. Make sure there are no objects on top of the microwave because they might catch fire. Clean out the garbage disposal by putting ice in it and running hot water and baking soda though it. Inspect the outlet under the sink connected to your dishwasher and garbage disposal – this outlet is usually hidden away but can fail because it is close to water from the sink.  

Check your stove and the pilot lights. Your stove may need the occasional cleaning as well to flush out the grease and bits of food. The grease and the food oils left in the stove might cause a fire so don’t forget this one!

Organize your medicine cabinet, the first aid kit, and your 72-hour kits too. It’s important to update your first aid kit and 72-hour kits, just in case. Replace any expired items that you may still have. Make sure you have all the necessary items such as water, some preservable foods, bandages, and a few emergency phone numbers.

Go out to the water softener and the water heater and clean them as well. Flush out the hot water from the water heater that might have built up.  Make sure to recycle everything that could be recycled in the cleaning processes as well. Most people clean out the lint trap in the dryer after most cycles. But another part of the dryer that needs the occasional cleaning is the dryer vent. Lint can also build up in the dryer and the dryer vent and can cause a fire hazard. To avoid any of fire hazards, don’t forget to clean your dryer vent regularly.

Your windows, door screens, and mirrors may have collected a lot of dust over the last few months. Start wiping them down and consider power-washing them!

Spring cleaning is very important for the safety of you and your home. If there are any unusual sights, smells or hot spots, make sure to fix them or contact a professional right away and get the situation taken care of – before it becomes a problem.  

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At Frontline Electrical Services we love helping our customers feel safe and secure in their homes. If you are in the Benicia or Fairfield, California area, contact us today at 800-945-0268 (here is a map to our location) to have your home’s wiring checked or to receive your free home energy consult where our techs analyze your electricity usage and give you the information you need to make sure your home is the most energy-efficient it can be!

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