Spring Cleaning: Put a Stake Through the Heart of Your Home’s Energy Vampires!

Spring Cleaning: Put a Stake Through the Heart of Your Home’s Energy Vampires!

For years now, there have been vampires living all throughout your home! They love electricity and are constantly draining your wallet! As technology advances and becomes part of our daily lives even more, we need to get rid of these energy vampires to save energy and money. To get rid of all of the different types of these energy vampires, the first is to to identify them. Here are some tips on how to identify energy vampires to save energy and your money. Gather up your garlic and wooden stakes and fight energy vampires now!

Unplug Appliances

A huge energy vampire living in around your house is in the outlets. There are many appliances around the house that are plugged into outlets that are unused. In these plugs linger the worst of your home’s energy vampires!

1. In the Kitchen

Appliances such as the microwave, toaster, and coffee maker are often unused but still plugged in. The microwave especially takes up more energy to power the clock then it does heating up your food. Crazy right? So, make sure to unplug your microwave and other objects after using it to save the most energy!

“The microwave especially takes up more energy to power the clock then it does heating up your food.”

2. In the Bathroom

There are many energy vampires living in your bathroom as well. Your electric toothbrush that’s charging, the hair dryer, straightener and curling irons that are plugged in. These appliances while they’re plugged into the outlets are sucking up small amounts of energy. When your toothbrush is finished charging, unplug it! When you’re finished using the hair dryer, straightener, and the curling iron, unplug them too! Another easy solution is to invest in a timed power switch.

3. In the Living Room and Bedroom

There are other energy vampires living in other rooms of your home. Check where you spend most of your time, the living room and your bedroom. Any cable boxes and DVRs that you may have consistently use the most electricity. They are constantly draining 25-45 watts when they are plugged in. You can always invest in smart stripes to minimize the draining energy. Your phone charger sucks up energy as well even when its not plugged into your phone so, when your phone is fully charged, make sure to unplug it.

“Any cable boxes and DVRs that you may have consistently use the most electricity.”

4. In Your Home Office

Your printers that are in the office are always on, waiting for a signal for it to print. To minimize the power it drains while you’re not using it, smart stripes may help! Another way is occupancy-controlled outlets. They have motion sensors and detect motion and turn on automatically.  

We understand that it is almost impossible to unplug every appliance when you’re not using it. Of course appliances such as the refrigerator cannot be unplugged. If you would like an energy audit for your home, please contact us at Frontline Electrical Services. If you are in Fairfield or Concord, Frontline is just around the corner!

All Kidding Aside, Check For Heat

Energy vampires can also be very dangerous. When appliances are faulty and are left plugged into outlets, they can start a fire from the heat caused by electricity. Be cautious if your house is in a damp or humid environment. If your house is older, you should get your wiring inspected by the professionals at Frontline Electrical Services.   

To minimize all of your energy vampires, we recommend purchasing items that are energy-star certified. The United States consumes about 26 percent of the world’s energy, 5 percent of that is taken by energy vampires. That is how much Italy uses in one year. By minimizing those energy vampires, we can use the natural energy sources and of course the money for other constructive uses.

Ready for Your Home Energy Audit?

At Frontline Electrical Services we love helping our customers feel safe and secure in their homes. If you are in the Benicia or Fairfield, California area, contact us today at 800-945-0268 (here is a map to our location) to have your home’s wiring checked or to receive your free home energy consult where our techs analyze your electricity usage and give you the information you need to make sure your home is the most energy-efficient it can be!

Remember, If It’s Electrical, We Do It!


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