Walnut Creek & Benicia CA Solar Power Systems Installation

Considering going solar to offset or eliminate your PG&E bill? Frontline Electrical Services offers solar installation services to homes and businesses across Northern California.  With the best technology, often underutilized sunlight can become usable energy easily. Solar panels made up of photovoltaic cells can be installed on your roof and they convert sunlight into direct current power. This power travels to an inverter where it is converted to then alternating current power, the form of electricity in which you use in your home. Your home will remain connected to the grid, allowing you to use power at all moments of the day and night. The last component of your system is the all-important net energy meter, which works to track your total power usage per month or year. If your system creates more energy than your home will consume, the spare unused electricity is then sold back to the power company, giving you a credit on your next utility bill. This is something that is being used across the country by homeowners and business owners alike to cut back on steep energy bills as well as help provide for a healthier environment. Contact Frontline Electrical Services for your questions and your solar panel installation needs.

Benefits to Going Solar with Frontline Electrical Services:

  • Tax credit
  • Tax exemption
  • Clean solar energy
  • Reliable installation
  • Federal and state incentives
  • 0% financing
  • Credit towards lease
  • Warranties 


  • Solar installation
  • Installation by professionals
  • Solar panel help 

Why Choose Frontline Electrical Services for Solar?

Frontline Electrical Services has been helping customers reduce their energy costs by going solar for over twenty years.  Our licensed solar pros are electricians with the have the skills and abilities necessary to provide you with the highest quality and lowest price for our solar panel installation services. There are a number of benefits available to installing solar power for your residence or business. With a fully staffed team and a warehouse to ensure Frontline Electrical Services has the right solar panels you need, we are excited to help you take the next step and change the way you power your home or office.  Contact us now to get started.

Ready for Your Home Energy Audit?

At Frontline Electrical Services we love helping our customers feel safe and secure in their homes. To have your home’s wiring checked or to receive your free home energy consult and you are in the Benicia, Walnut Creek or  Fairfield, California or surrounding areas, contact us today at 800-945-0268 (here is a map to our location) and we’ll have one of our certified specialist analyze your electricity usage and give you the information you need to make sure your home is the most energy-efficient it can be!