Home Security Cameras – What Are Security Cameras Used For?

Uses of Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras are video cameras which are used to monitor an environment. They are sometimes connected to a recording system or IP network, and a security guard or law enforcement officer can track them. Most countries already use electronic video surveillance as a primary weapon in both the private and public sectors to track population movements and to deter crime and terrorism.

Not only in business, but for personal purposes, let’s explore some of the common uses of these security cameras. 


  • Security Cameras improve overall security. 
  • In a company, security cameras placed help deter crimes and break-ins. 
  • Businesses are forty times more likely to burglarize than a workplace.

Help Deter Robbery & Shoplifting

  • Video monitoring can help deter robbery & shoplifting. Business surveillance cameras, which are mounted prominently, can help prevent theft. Sixty-four percent of all small businesses are victims of employee theft, and every minute small businesses lose $25,000 to $33,000 to shoplifters nationwide.

Fraud Prevention

  • A traditional company may lose as much as 5 percent of its profits from fraud.

Video monitoring can deter theft by employees

  • Eighty percent of fraud occurred in companies with less than 100 workers, and more than half had less than 25 workers.

Enhances Protections

  • Smaller companies are more vulnerable to bribery by workers. Perhaps that is because there are less precautions in place.

Helps Prevent Burglary

  • Forcible entry accounts for 60.5 percent of burglaries. Most people believe burglaries are just “crimes of opportunity.". A strong protection program, like surveillance cameras, can be a major deterrent to these kinds of crimes.

Improved Insight into Consumer Safety Issues

  • The implementation of a good security system like security cameras indicates to your clients that you care about their safety and protection and can boost their overall view of your business.

Increases Protection for Consumers and Workers outside

  • Video monitoring security cameras can directly and indirectly protect the workforce. They will monitor the suspicious behavior when placed in company parking lots and outside the physical building, and enable company security officers or others to ensure that employees access their vehicles safely.

Surveillance Cameras Lessens the risk of Vandalism

  • The vandalism is paid directly and indirectly by business owners. As per the U.S. Small Business Administration, the total cost of a single vandalism occurrence is $3,370. Remarkably positioned cameras have been shown to significantly minimize threats of abuse and vandalism in businesses.

Boost Productivity and Company Processes for Workers

Improves Sales 

  • Less theft can mean a boost in profit.
  • These cameras make it easy to track patterns of customer traffic all over your market. It helps you to transfer inventory and change the stocking to take maximum advantage of high-traffic “normal" areas.

Eases the mind of Business Owners and Employees alike

  • Constant real-time monitoring enables permitted employees to track sensitive business areas continuously, from virtually anywhere, 24/7 in real-time.

Can Help Deter Litigation and Fraud

  • Stop substantial court costs resulting from fraudulent or unreasonable lawsuits. One of the worst fears is being sued at any company. If there’s an incident, injury, abuse or some other legal problem on site, video evidence will show what really happened.

Offers Compliance with the Company

  • A video monitoring system must be in place for several forms of companies to comply with HIPPA or SEC laws, as well as internal corporate policies.

Surveillance Cameras Help in Law Enforcement

  • Security surveillance video is one of the best forensic methods in law enforcement for business-related crime like fraud and vandalism.

Efficient and Practical

  • Video monitoring is flexible and cost efficient. When your company expands it’s easy and cost-effective to attach and incorporate additional cameras into an existing network.

Provides a Database of All Actions Within Your Business

  • Camera surveillance indirectly protects workers by tracking each guest coming into the building and maintaining a video record of their activity.

Protects Against Robberies, Theft, Burglary and Prevent Shoplifting

Need to Protect Your Home with an Updated Security Camera System?

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