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The Owner Of CCTV

Walter Bruch was a German electrical engineer and German Television pioneer. He is the Closed-circuit television creator. In the early 1960s, he conceived the television program PAL in color at Telefunken. In the early 1960s, he invented the television program PAL in color at Telefunken. Walter Bruch was an honorary professor at Technical University of Hannover, in addition to his academic activities. In 1975 he had been awarded the Werner von Siemens Ring.

It all began back in Germany in 1942, when he designed a device to control theV-2 rocket’s launch. The US atomic program used similar technologies for its test launches later in the wartime years, and in 1949 the first commercial company to sell CCTV (Vericon) was launched but with little success. 

Since the Germans first discovered CCTV technology in 1942, their rockets were tracked with it. There was no particular need for a video recording device at the time; thus, it was the purely live monitoring part. In 1949, however, the device was sold to an American contractor called Vericon, who started publicly selling the program. 

By 1965 police talks were held in public places using surveillance devices. In 1969, the first police cameras had been mounted near City Hall in the New York City Municipal Building. It wasn’t long before other agencies nationwide started using closed-circuit television to watch and stop crime.

Forward to 1960 and the Metropolitan Police used temporary video cameras to track crowds for two different events: the Thai royal family’s arrival, and Guy Fawkes night. In the 1960s, CCTV was primarily used by police and some transportation providers, but it was still fairly rare, as setup costs were high and it was a challenge to run the necessary cables. 

While the ability to track crime proved to be extremely helpful in preventing it, users were more interested in a monitoring system that could protect the data collected, so Vericon introduced a new and improved system that used a reel-to-reel recording system.

Due to the introduction of the VCR, the 1970s saw technological advances that made CCTV more available. Now, people were finding a way to record CCTV footage without watching live streams. It increased the popularity of CCTV among companies, but it was still not perfect: tapes had a limited capacity and needed to be updated periodically or overwritten, and it required a decent amount of space to store footage for a period of time. Unfortunately, the machine proved expensive to operate, because not only did an operator have to adjust the tapes manually, but they also had to thread the tape through the recorder from the reel and onto an empty take-up reel. While unpopular, they contributed to the invention of the VCR-based system, followed by the DVR-based system later.

The technology started to develop at a rapid pace following the VCR. New update spurred another, and yet another, making CCTV technology nearly unrecognizable today from what Bruch invented 75 years ago. 

  • Time Lapse was presented to solve the Space Problem
  • The DVR is the first step towards digitalisation of the industry
  • DVR goes Virtual
  • Video Encoder Was Used to Digitalize and Compress Data
  • The First All-Network-Based System where the video is transmitted over an IP network and transferred to a PC. The photos are then stored on a remote web server and can be accessed whenever and wherever you want.

CCTV technology has come a long way since its introduction in 1942, and video surveillance has sprung up ever since the New York Police Department first used it in 1969. We are only expecting further change as new developments develop and new demands arise. The CCTV camera has grown from its modest beginnings into something truly sophisticated. It is truly exciting to see what the next wave of technologies has to bring.

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