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Do Security Cameras Deter Burglars?

You’re not alone when crime reduction is at the top of the to-do list. By dissuading burglars, you are making sure you don’t have to live with the sense of violation and the financial losses that a burglary could cause. It’s easier to get going then you would think. A wealth of research shows that surveillance cameras perform well to mitigate crime and provide useful evidence when crimes are committed.

  1. Home Security Measures – Home security systems offer protection 24 hours a day and link your home with experts who are ready to step in when anything unexpected occurs. Alarms can also be excellent crime-deterrent devices, and they can make your home safer from crime.
  2. A survey of 422 burglars showed that the most effective deterrent to burglars was the surveillance cameras.  Sixty per cent of the burglars said they would choose a different target if they realized that a building or site had security cameras, and if they didn’t know in advance then 50 per cent said they would abort the robbery after finding surveillance cameras.Only by installing a business camera surveillance system, you cut the chances of burglarization by half.
  3. Surveillance cameras reduce all forms of crime by 50 percent. Having a security camera equipment installed is a huge deterrent to potential offenders, and sends the message that if they threaten your company, their actions will not go unchecked.
  4. Law enforcement workers see every form of crime on a regular basis, and if they say anything about how security cameras work to deter crime, then listening is a good idea.
  5. While most testing was done to prove that security cameras are deterring prospective criminals from targeting or accessing a company, there is also a growing understanding of how surveillance cameras are also deterring employees from engaging in company crime. The smart way to stay up-to-date with business security developments and keep your company secure from both external and internal threats is to have a security camera system inside your company.
  6. Home video cameras may help deter theft of products, or help to seek refunds or replacements if theft is proven.
  7. The live-streaming features are one benefit of current camera monitoring systems, such as video doorbells and home automation. When deterring crime, security cameras can be so effective that one CNN report compared home surveillance cameras to a modern type of neighborhood watch.
  8. Well-lit parking garages with video surveillance are serviced well. The camera will be able to capture the faces of the robbers, license plate numbers and track them coming and going.
  9. Surveillance devices now have cameras and microphones. The device can be used as an intercom. You can hear what is going on at the premises as well.
  10. There is night vision, which is ideal for locations without the advantage of street lights or traffic in more secluded areas.
  11. The cameras have movement, which you can do away with from home. It helps you to shift and zoom in and out, covering even more area.
  12. Surveillance video is a deterrent to burglars, because it is the fastest way to detect a thief. There are so many features that make security cameras appealing. Waterproof, weatherproof, two-way speak, floodlights.

The data doesn’t lie— investing in a security camera system for business is one of the safest ways to protect your company and stop the crime.  Study after study shows that installing a security camera system results in crime reduction rates of 50 per cent or more, along with understanding that in the case of illegal activity you will have strong evidence.

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