Home Security Cameras – How Much Does A Home Security System Cost?

Purchasing A Home Security System

Home protection systems costs depend on the equipment costing, preparation, deployment, and more. When it comes to looking for the right home protection device, it is easy to wonder how much it would really cost. The hardware is part of what goes into the expense of the home protection systems. Your monthly home security costs can also include professional 24/7 surveillance services, cloud security camera storage, and the ability to manage your home security system using the mobile app from your security provider. 

Today the average cost of surveillance services for the home protection system varies from $15 to $35/month.  Usually the total cost of home security equipment varies from $100 to $250 and the cost of recurring security equipment varies from $10 to $35 a month. All these are expenses that you will bear in mind when picking up your home security device. Professional surveillance offers 24/7 watch over your house, and a critical step in protecting your home is security equipment.

Monitored home protection systems come with qualified round the clock monitoring services to alarm you and emergency responders to help protect your valuables from burglaries, fire and smoke detection. The lowest standard security package handled by ADT requires $44.99/mo cost of skilled monitoring. It all depends on the protection needs of your house.

By adding up the cost of your home protection there are a few fees to be paid. Installation, activation, equipment and any additional services like skilled monitoring would be elements you like. That cost varies according to your protection provider.

  • System activation – To turn on your equipment you would also want to factor in any activation fees. Installation costs are also included and can vary from a one-time charge to $100. Ask regarding any activation costs when installing a home protection device, when it will be charged (on the next bill or before installation), and whether all hardware is covered by the activation charge.
  • Professional installation – Many home security systems allow a technician to properly install the security equipment in your home. Professional installation, however, can cost more than $200 but can be discounted depending on which security contractor or equipment is purchased.
  • Security equipment – Add the cost of all the safety devices that you would need to help secure your house. Also this requires some safety cameras, sensors and control panels. Based on your option of home protection device, you will be paying a monthly fee to rent the equipment for a time period–at least one year. But for DIY home protection systems, all hardware would most likely be bought up front.
  • Smart home automation – Many home security companies provide plans to attach home automation systems like smart locks and smart lights. You will be able to build routines to switch on lights automatically, or turn down the smart thermostat temperature of your home when you leave for work. Home security companies usually sell smart home automation capabilities at an extra cost.
  • Round the clock live camera footage – Home monitoring services provide continuous video recording (CVR) to capture and archive all the images from your surveillance camera so you’ll never miss a moment. Security cameras usually only record activity caused by motion–which is just a few minutes. Some home monitoring companies sell CVR plans in 7, 10, 14 and 30 days increments.
  • Professional monitoring – There’s an extra monthly fee for your house, 24/7. If a sensor is triggered, you will be contacted by the monitoring center to inform you of any suspicious activity. Professional monitoring can start at $14.99/mo. DIY home security and $28.99/mon. Keep in mind that a contract is often needed for professional monitoring but some month-to-month plans are becoming more common.

Price and fees for secret home protection are also included in the fine print of your contract. Read the contract and ask the protection company to clarify you don’t understand something. Consider early cancelation payments, reinstallation payments from lease terms for transferring or neglected equipment. Be sure you understand the recurring payments included in the contract as well as the upfront expense of home protection payable upon activation.

Need to Protect Your Home with an Updated Security Camera System?

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