Home Security Cameras – What Are The Different Types Of Security Cameras?

Different Types Of Security Cameras

Installing security cameras to protect your home is important and necessary nowadays. Before purchasing a home security system, you also have to make sure it suits your needs as there are many types of security cameras out in the market today. The following are types of security cameras we all should know or be familiar with.

Wireless IP Camera – Wireless IP monitoring cameras offer simple configuration and reduce network cabling costs when you connect this camera to your video surveillance device. Features and Benefits include:

  • Crystal clear images, even under conditions of low light. 
  • Motion detection for instant intruder warning.
  • Features for tilting and swivelling improve viewing. 
  • Wi-Fi allowed for quick setup and activation.

Box Style Security Camera – A camera in box style is a standalone gadget. The name derives from camera design. Features and benefits include:

  • Offers various lens options, including fixed and vari-focal. Enable lens, camera and housing to be tailored to suit the needs of the project.
  • Can be used in environmentally friendly outdoor housing or indoor mounting when aesthetics is an issue. 
  • Functions the way every camera does.

Wide Dynamic Security Camera – Wide Dynamic Cameras have the ability to navigate pixel-by-pixel light-levels. Features and benefits include:

  • Utilized in areas with abundant daylight, or where headlights such as parking lots are used. 
  • Take shots of a clear face as a person enters with bright light behind them and dark shadows on their faces.
  • Able to manage a large variety of lighting levels in the same scene.

Dome Security Camera – A dome camera is a mix of sensor, lens, and mount on the ceiling packaged in a discreet dome shape. Features and benefits include:

  • Available in housings which resist vandalism. Nice and compact in form.
  • Usually provided indoor or outdoor housings. Is well suited for environments like kitchens and warehouses which tend to get dirty.
  • Like every other gadget, it functions but comes in a dome-shaped housing.

Thermal Security Camera – For dark or harsh conditions a thermal camera uses thermal imaging to create surveillance video.  Uses heat to differentiate artifacts. Features and benefits include:

  • Works in pitch darkness. 
  • Detect smoke, haze, dust, light fog on people and artifacts.
  • Utilizes heat processing to distinguish objects and individuals.

PTZ Security Camera – A PTZ camera includes mechanical functions allowing the user to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera remotely. Features and benefits include:

  • Survey and zoom in to detail a wide field of interest. 
  • Movement Auto Monitor. 
  • Focuses on important places.
  • Can run sequences automatically, or turn to a preset location. 
  • Movement control via joystick or software. 
  • Uses Pitch, Tilt, and Zoom.

Day/Night Security Camera – A day / night camera is a camera that is used both indoor and outdoor for low light conditions. Features and benefits include:

  • Covers daytime conditions as well as night lighting.
  • IR filter raised as illumination rates decrease.

Bullet Security Camera – A bullet camera is a mix of sensor, lens and housing packed into a frame in the form of a bullet. Features and benefits include: 

  • Great for conditions of low light. 
  • Does not require a separate housing or lens.
  • Small footprint. 
  • Secured enclosure reduces servicing needs. 
  • Has IR illuminators usually used.

IP Security Camera – An IP camera relays a digital signal over a network using Internet Protocol. Features and benefits include:

  • VGA-29 Megapixel Resolutions. 
  • Better control of the equipment than analog cameras.
  • Improved scalability and clarity. 
  • Some have built in tools for video analytics.

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