Home Security Cameras – How Do I Check My Security Cameras?

How To Check Your Security Cameras

What do cameras for surveillance look like? More cameras are designed to blend seamlessly with the atmosphere and home decor, particularly those concealed ones. 

For some people with a security system in their business or homes, one of the most common concerns they have is how to check their security cameras. Whether it is turned on or off, check the recordings, whether it is working properly or to know when it is time for maintenance or service or maybe get a new one, here are some simple ways to do that.

  • Identify whether the camera is fake or real. If it’s a fake surveillance camera it’s never going to be on. 
  • Observe how the safety camera moves to see if it is on. When you mount a security camera style pan tilt, you would see the sort of security cameras rotate constantly while it is on, and you’d hear a distinct buzz as it rotates.
  • Know that a CCTV tracks the power indicator. Some IP cameras or wireless IP cameras have an LED status, so you can easily tell whether the camera is working properly or is linked to WiFi.
  • In IP security cameras, check the status of the LEDs. Whether it’s an infrared IP surveillance camera, when this security camera is on you will be able to see tiny red lights around the security camera lens in the dark. It is also a fast way to tell whether there is night vision in a security camera. You can use a book or other covers to shield your surveillance camera from light falling. When you see the lights turn red it means the camera is on.
  • Using electronic detectors for defects. CCTV surveillance cameras can produce what is referred to as a balanced signal while they are on or in working condition. A balanced signal is a video signal that was transmitted to a medium other than coaxial cable for transmission.
  • Sign in to your camera protection program to check whether you can access the live streaming. This way, you can test if your security camera is on or working.
  •  You can turn on your computer, for example, to see if your IP surveillance camera records the video tape. If the video appears right, then the IP security camera is on. If not, it’s either the problem of the cable or the camera.
  • Test surveillance cameras red light. Older fake surveillance cameras have red light blinking while real forms don’t. This is a smart trick to see that CCTV cameras just operate by looking at it.
  • Test the wires on the security camera. Security cameras Cat 5 or Cat 6 PoE use wires to connect to the router. Traditional, wireless security cameras need power cables. You can then test the cable around the security cameras to decide whether it’s a true or a fake one.
  • You can see a brand name logo or safety camera mark. You should google it to see if it’s a real brand of security camera, or just a company that sells fake security cameras.
  • Most of the real surveillance cameras come without those red lights blinking. Usually, dummy security cameras will have flashing red lights at the front, which is an obvious feature of fake safety cameras.
  • Please note that the laws of the State will have stringent audio recording regulations. One individual needs to know the incidence of video recording. Should this role not be allowed under some conditions, you can turn off the audio recording.
  • Test the company’s security camera guarantee. A successful camera protection provider will sell you a 2 year warranty.

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