Do Energy Efficient Appliances Really Save Money?

Do Energy Star appliances really save money?

When shopping for appliances, you will find items prominently branded with the Energy Star logo. On everything from refrigerators to furnaces can be found this blue square logo with white lettering. Buying appliances from Energy Star is a good first step towards improving efficiency at home.

What does Energy Star mean on appliances?

In 1992, the Energy Star logo was established as a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) collaboration with various industrial, retail, utility, and state organizations. Both groups worked together to identify energy-efficiency standards for various appliances and construction materials. The Energy Star mark symbolizes items that meet these requirements.

Are Energy Star appliances the most efficient appliances?

Yes indeed! Energy Star systems are certainly more powerful than those without the Energy Star tag.

On the other hand, don’t make the mistake of thinking that all Energy Star certified brands and models are the same. For example, take gas furnaces. To earn the certification, they must be 15 percent more efficient than the basic model. Many accredited models will only meet the required level, i.e. they will be more effective by 15 percent. Certain models, however, can surpass the requirement and be 20 or 25 percent more efficient, offering even greater savings.

How do Energy Star appliances work?

Energy Star appliances are generally made with the latest technology to ensure that, while in operation, they waste as little electricity or fuel as possible. The exact technology used varies depending on the unit.

One example would be Energy Star refrigerators are insulated to keep the cold inside. We also have more accurate temperature controls, so the whole refrigerator cools uniformly.

Energy Star clothing dryers have enhanced humidity sensors and software for air circulation to minimize drying time. Dishwashers have sensors for detecting how dirty foods are and changing the process to reduce the use of energy and water.

What rebates are available for Energy Star appliances?

Various utilities and suppliers of appliances give incentives to make the buying of energy star appliances even more affordable. 

When is the right time to invest in new appliances?

It's not smart to wait to fix an appliance until it fails. Rather, keep in mind the average lifespan of these devices, and replace your old appliances with a new one.

Appliances are becoming less effective as they age; the models of today are also much more efficient than those of 10 years ago.

How much energy does an Energy Star appliance use versus non-Energy Star models?

Energy savings are greater than you might think. For example, Energy Star washers use 25% less energy than standard models. Energy Star dryers use 20% less energy, and dehumidifiers from Energy Star use 15% less energy.

Energy Star refrigerators are only about 9 percent more powerful than standard models, but this is because all refrigerators sold in the U.S. must follow a basic standard of efficiency, which is already very strict.

You can expect to use about 13 percent less energy with an air conditioner in an Energy Star space. Energy Star certified air purifiers are 40% more effective than standard air purifiers.

How much can I expect to save on my energy bill by using Energy Star appliances?

Energy Star has provided more than $450 billion in power for consumers and business owners since 1992. Here's a look at the cost savings you can reap by lifetime service by replacing individual appliances with models from Energy Star.

Will my investment in Energy Star appliances pay off in the long run?

Yes. While Energy Star appliances can cost more up front, over the lifespan of the device, you can recover the additional costs in the form of energy savings. Rebates make even more affordable the items.

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