Are Home Energy Audits Worth It?


The following questions will help you get a better idea of whether an energy audit is a good idea in order to save electricity bills at home.

  • Do You Want Your Home to be as Energy Efficient as Possible?

There are some minor improvements you can do to boost home energy efficiency pretty quickly–sealing windows, sealing doors, etc. 

But there are also some hidden problems you can't detect on your own. The best way to discover anything is through a home energy audit.

You should have the basic map with the details you get from your audit to address all energy issues throughout the entire household.

  • What Does a Home Energy Audit Cost in Your Area?

Many local utilities offer incentives or conduct basic home energy audits for you at a lower cost or even at no charge. To know what an audit will cost, after taking advantage of the available discounts offered, you need to call around and see what the price will be.

Keep in mind that the audits do not normally cover every little detail, such as a blower door check and an infrarot test. 

  • What Are You Going to do With The Information From Your Home Energy Audit?

You will still have to make repairs / renovations to your home to see any change in energy efficiency after the audit has been completed.

Some of the work you should do on your own, such as adding insulation to the attic or sealing the windows and doors.

But other items would also have to be performed by a skilled contractor, such as applying insulation to the inside of walls or HVAC work.

Improvements such as insulating an attic can not only contribute to energy efficiency, but can also help prevent ice dams which can be a major headache. If you live in a cold weather climate, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

With the audit, you'll have the advantage of working with a professional auditor who can give you some guidance on which projects can profit most.

  • Are You Going to be Moving Anytime Soon?

If you're planning to stay at your home for 10 years or more and you've got enough money for an audit, therefore it makes sense to get one. The benefits, at least the financial part of it, would be increasing energy efficiency for an extended period of time. 

Nonetheless, if you consider selling your home in the coming years, making significant improvements from a financial point of view may not be wise.

If they spend money on repairs and then struggle to get that money back if they sell the home, most homeowners are offered a rude surprise. Owners who have made recent changes are not always kind to the market.

  • Are You Strong Enough to Resist a Sales Pitch?

A reliable home energy inspector will be extremely thorough when they look at your house. Checking it all can take him or her 2 hours or more. You may feel like you have more than the quality of your cash when the document is released, with all the information at your fingertips now — but there may also be a catch.

Most auditing companies are not just auditing; changes are also being made. So the auditor will try to sell you on a lot of different upgrades you may not even need. And the cost of these upgrades may not be competitive either.

On the other hand, you may find that a lot is being offered by the local utility company–actually far better than you could ever get by hiring your outside contractor. If this is the case, such discounted changes to home energy may be worthwhile.

  • How Can You Prepare For a Home Energy Audit?

Make a list of all the areas of concern in your home before the auditor arrives at your house. 

Make sure that the auditor has your annual energy bills in order to help him/ her determine what can be changed in your house.

The auditor is going to evaluate the size, number, and size of your windows, wall space, etc.

Ready for Your Home Energy Audit?

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