Press Release – Offering Comprehensive Electrical Services

Frontline Electrical Services, Benicia’s Best Electrician, Is Offering Comprehensive Electrical Services

Benicia CA – Frontline Electrical Services is a fully-licensed and bonded brick & mortar electrical firm, established in 1992. They are dedicated to providing comprehensive commercial and residential services for their customer’s needs. Since its founding, the company has provided the highest-quality services for residential and commercial projects at the most affordable prices. Whether their customers need 24 hour emergency response for diagnostics, troubleshooting or security lighting to be installed on their patios, or a generator for backup power when PG&E has rolling black outs, their customers are assisted by thoroughly trained technicians and engineers with many years of experience that allow them to perform services efficiently and in a timely manner.

At Frontline Electrical Services we do work on a “Fixed Price” basis, so the pricing is always fair to the homeowner. We’ve been doing business this way for over 27 years and it’s why we get so much repeat business. Today, we still have some of our very first customers because we keep delivering value for their money. As a result we’ve earned a 5 STAR rating with YELP and an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Bottom line “it’s a matter of ethics," the company´s owner, Lee Sherwood proudly boasts.

Frontline Electrical Services, Benicia’s Top Electrician, is an expert provider of electrical services for commercial, residential and industrial needs. They specialize in providing a comprehensive array of electrical and mechanical services such as installation, repair, diagnostics, troubleshooting, calibration, consulting, engineering, control systems integration, commissioning, third-party inspection, and certification.

Some of their most popular residential services are electrical and mechanical upgrades and improvements, Generator installations, safety and security, specialty lights, home energy efficiency, professional installation, surge protection, solar panels installation, motion sensors, wiring upgrades, smoke detector installation, landscaping lights, dimmers and timers, as well as any other electrical services homeowners might need.

As a fully licensed company, they offer an extensive variety of services for both commercial and industrial needs. They specialize in power and controls, surveillance security, along with the many other systems used in commercial buildings, industrial plants, and manufacturing operations. Generator installation, parking lot installation, landscape lighting installation, touch panels and code inspections are some of the services the company is able to offer for both commercial and industrial needs.

Frontline Electrical Services is available 24/7. Visit them at 3195 Park Rd Suite C, Benicia CA, 94510. For immediate assistance from Benicia’s Best Electrician, contact them via phone at (800) 945-0268 to learn more about their services visit their website

Ready for Your Home Energy Audit?

At Frontline Electrical Services we love helping our customers feel safe and secure in their homes. To have your home’s wiring checked or to receive your free home energy consult and you are in the Benicia, Walnut Creek or  Fairfield, California or surrounding areas, contact us today at 800-945-0268 (here is a map to our location) and we’ll have one of our certified specialist analyze your electricity usage and give you the information you need to make sure your home is the most energy-efficient it can be!