Landscape Lighting | Top 7 Landscape Lighting Questions

  1. Where should I start Landscape Lighting research?

Before doing outdoor lighting for your house, this question is one that I wish everyone would ask. As with something else, you'll benefit from study and understanding for anything loads down the line. Reading blogs written by construction companies involved in landscape lighting design is a great place to continue. Their blogs are packed with a wealth of information that can be of great help in making decisions.

  1. When should I have Mounted My Lights?

I met a customer last summer with an intent to learn the answer to this question. With a brand new design coming in, her design company was feeling forced to make a decision about her lighting. They insisted she needed to have all the wire ran with her irrigation lines in the trench before the sod came in. They decided that doing so would be more feasible for her now when the trenches were still open, and that they would have to charge her more to come back and install the lighting system later on..

  1. Why would I turn to LED if the cost of My halogen lamps is less?

Yes, halogen lamps cost only a third of what an LED lamp would do. It doesn't mean that they're saving you money though. Life of a halogen lamp is limited to one year. If you are fortunate you could get a year and a half. If we swap them out for our annual services we give them a one year guarantee.

  1. Will it be shiny enough?

That is a question that we don't really get asked a lot. Most people are more worried that the lights are too bright. Yet if you are seeking light, we will definitely make that happen. One of the beautiful things about LED has enabled us to exercise greater control over the effects we make. It basically means that we can dial the effects into where we want them to be. To build the right look we can go as bright or slender as appropriate.

  1. What My First Considerations for My Lighting Design should be?

The number one thing you'll be asked to think about by your lighting designer is how you use and enjoy your living space outside.

For someone else your front yard is something you light up. Your backyard is a personal delight for you and yourself. Therefore it should be a top priority to think about your outdoor living room.

Do you have a lot of entertainment? If you enjoy having fun with friends and family, you may want to suggest integrating elements of design that will help you create a more festive atmosphere.

  1. What Fixtures Can My Landscape add Character to?

When it comes to lighting design, we need to focus our concern on the effect. Design by lighting designer, not fixtures. We look at what impact we would like to build first, then pick a fixture that will need that.

There's a lot of decorative fittings with a lot of character out there. Bear in mind, however, that in a few years what might look good now might look dated and out of style. In choosing fixtures that look timeless and age well, a good lighting designer can guide you in the right direction. And of course they're going to make sure that the fixture provides.

  1. How will Route Lights for Walkways and Stairs be lined up?

Road lights get misused and severely violated. In badly designed projects for landscape lighting, you can see trail lights in the center of flower beds, connected to the fence posts, you name it. For lighting paths and steps route lights should be used intentionally.

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