Landscape Lighting | How Much Does It Cost To Install Landscape Lighting?

Outdoor lighting has come remarkably far. As a consequence, it is important to note that the expense of LED landscape lighting is a little bit more of an incremental expenditure than older equipment once was. However, the current equipment outperforms old landscape lighting and you’ll save money on power costs and repair expenditures in the long run.

Keep in mind that while just the minimal cost might be a little higher than you expected, landscape lighting is just a tiny percentage on how much benefit you get in exchange for the grand scale of a complete outdoor living budget.

When you invest heavily in an outdoor living project, adding a little more to the project for what you get in return makes sense. Lighting will enable you to use the space not only during the daytime but also during the evening hours.

Additionally, you are still getting high-end fixtures and the latest technology, even at the bare minimum investment. Paying for better fixtures is worthwhile because you should be sure to continue and deliver as planned. Compared to continually purchasing and repairing inexpensive hardware, spending now in anything of consistency is in the end more cost-effective.

It’ll save you a lot of hassle too. That’s not landscape lighting you can buy from your local box store. There are advanced quality goods that are built in a beautifully planned environment vs. inexpensive device that is literally put in the dirt. A row of pathlights can easily seem like an airport runway without an artistic approach. Not only for high-quality material, but also for high-quality design, your investment.

Basic investment: between $3,000 and $6,000.

You should have been able to get the transformer and a few lights across your property with the absolute minimum cost of $3,000. Also this cost factors in an installation charge, which is important as lighting should be installed by a professional who prioritizes safety.

Double the cost to $6,000 and you might install some additional route lighting, spotlights, and even an uplight or two on any of your home’s plant material or fascinating features. The bulk of the bare minimum price comes from the very transformer. When you’re invested in it, having more lights makes sense because you’ve already charged the biggest expense.

Investment in Mid-Range: $8,000 to $11,000

This range is a little bit more on track with an typical landscape lighting expenditure for your home in Lancaster, Reading, York or Hershey, PA. You will get a lot more of a complete package in that cost range.

An example of what you could get within this cost range would be: 5 track lights, 2 spotlights highlighting a special feature such as a statue or fountain, 6 uplights on your plant material and 6 spotlights on your home highlighting an entrance or architectural features.

You would also be able to configure special features such as making pathlights come on at a certain time with a transformer which is zone-able. And, you can always configure yourself to add more lights later on.

Investment upgrades: $11,000 +

In most cases, an investment over $11,000, depending on your property, can get you a variety of possible upgrades. This might involve more lights that really go above and beyond showcasing specific features throughout your house. Inside your outdoor kitchen, it may be specialized lighting such as in-cabinet lamps, lighting under a countertop grill, or built-in lighting in a retaining wall.

Need to Upgrade Your Home’s Landscape Lighting?

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