How To Save Money On Electricity: 3 Tips You Need to Know NOW

How To Save Money On Electricity 3 Tips You Need to Know NOW

Electricity is is so intertwined with our day-to-day lives that we can’t live long without it! But it can be very expensive if you don’t watch out on your electricity usage. Here are three of our top tips on how you can start saving money on electricity today.

1. Audit Your Lights and Electronics

Lights are a big part of your electricity bill so make sure to turn off any lights during the day that you don’t use. Find places in your house that are most efficiently used without lights as well, a bright living room with a large window might be the perfect place to read your next book. Using natural light and task lighting can help a lot too. Changing light bulbs to a more efficient light like LED or a lower powered light is better than going with the brightest light you can find. Using lights with dimmers is also something you should consider. Make sure you’re not using any ceiling floodlights unless they are LED. Paint the walls of your house a brighter color if needed. Light can be reflected more off of a lighter color. Check your electronics around the house.  These energy vampires use electricity even when you’re not using them! Make sure to unplug them when not in use. Use more energy efficient devices if you can or even better, consider going solar!

2. Do Electricity-Using Chores at Night

Electricity is the least expensive at night so make sure to do your chores from 9pm to 9am. One example that you could do at night is washing and drying your clothes. If you want to save more when cleaning your clothes, make sure to wash your clothes in cold water and put in a couple of dry towels or dryer balls into the dryer with the wet clothes to reduce the drying time. But of course if you can, try to air dry your clothes often.

Water is heated with electricity for most houses so turn the hot water heater down. Make sure to reduce the usage on hot water too by replacing the shower head and taking shorter showers. Check for any leaking faucets and fix them if you can. Also, turn off the heat dry on your dishwasher – it’s amazing how much electricity this consumes.

In the kitchen, make sure to minimize the amount of heat that’s given off. If your oven is electric use it as little as possible before 9pm. Insead, use a microwave or a toaster oven. When you do use your oven, unless absolutely necessayr, don’t preheat the oven. If the oven is still hot, use it more than once and don’t open the door too much.

Check your refrigerator’s temperature as well. The fridge should be at the temperature between 35 to 39 degrees fahrenheit and the freezer should be at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Fridges and freezers should be away from anything that gives off heat as possible. Make sure that you don’t have the doors to the fridge or the freezer open so much as well. Hot air can easily slip into the cold atmosphere in the fridge and the freezer. Do not put in food or anything too warm in the fridges as well. Let them cool off first before placing them into the fridge or freezer. If there is a cluster of ice sitting at the bottom of your freezer, defrost the freezer to get rid of the layer of ice.

3. Monitor Your Air Conditioner Temperature

Check your thermostat and lower the temperature if you can. If you’re not in the house, make sure the air conditioner isn’t on! Check for any potential heat leaks and seal the windows, close curtains and doors as well to avoid any air conditioner temperature decreases or increases in the rooms. Have ceiling fans in most of your rooms instead of air conditioners if possible.

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