What Are The Different Types Of Lighting Fixtures?

What Are The Different Types Of Lighting Fixtures?

Table Lamps: Functional Sculptures

A table lamp is an adorable accent and by playing with the height, every surface becomes more interesting. A kind of like to add a Space Needle to a cityscape silhouette. Whether antique or novel, this kind of lighting is an instant fix for elegance and luminosity. Pleated or fringed, floral or striped, linen or Tiffany glass— just plug in a table lamp for a subtle, simple personality jolt.

Floor Lamps: Statuesque Stunners

A floor lamp with long, flexible, Medusa-like branches would be ideal for wise reading behind your favorite armchair. When you break your alarm clock, a floor lamp with a built-in shelf is handy when you need to reach up to turn the light on. If you have the room to make a statement, then go for it.

Sconce Lighting: Little Lumieres

Wall sconce projects like a small spotlight attached to the wall, light up or downwards. It's not a primary source of ambient lighting because this fixture doesn't cast a big glow. It is just a little strategic torch to holster wherever you need it.

You might want to flaunt some paintings in the hallway or surround your mantle like a low-light home theatre. When you have only enough space to hang lights on the walls and not the ceiling, with their low, steady shine these little beauties come in handy.

Ceiling Fans: Instant Comfort

Perhaps the ceiling fan isn't a fixture needing strength, reverence or grace. But it's a well-loved staple to a one-and-done product that incorporates lighting and climate control. Where wouldn't you benefit from a magic product which offers instant comfort? Beneath a ceiling fan, you can flourish in daily life with a soothing breeze and a warm overhead light. 

Chandeliers: Ballroom Sophistication

They are classic lighting fixtures that make no excuses. An exquisite candlestick has a magical effect that can make you feel like you have walked into your favorite fairytale castle's grand ballroom. As they refract light, the branches of glittering crystals, baubles, or beadwork from a chandelier lift a room wherever they are placed. But they are super flexible too.

Pendants: Suspended Brilliance

A pendant is always an enviable light fixture, whether it's hanging from a cord, chain or rope. Usually, these elegant ceiling lights come with shades in the form of a drum, pipe, or bell that direct light downwards to illuminate smaller areas. Cluster a few pendants together and turn things up to illuminate a larger space or a whole room.

Vanity Lights: Bathroom Illumination

Part wall sconce and part pendant, a trio of bell-shaped downlights usually provide vanity lights for specific tasks. If you want a fixture that looks as smart and confident as the girl in the reflection for your bathroom mirror, that is the type of lighting for you. Vanity lights are visually irresistible, a hint of old Hollywood glamour remaining. Over the door or a desk, this fixture's side-by-side chorus girl effect produces a chic vignette anywhere you place it.

Track Lighting: Flexible Angling

If you’ve found yourself wishing that your lighting could bend and swivel to face different directions, guess what? Your wish is granted. Meet track lighting. This fixture includes, as you might suppose, mobile lights attached to a track. The individual spotlights will slide back and forth regularly and can always be turned to face whatever direction you want.

Flush Mounts: High and Mighty

Flush mounts are sleek and easy to install, but boring? Not a chance. Such elegant heroes can be found with just enough flair not to detract from your other beautiful furnishings. Though not massive, these fixtures provide effective general illumination. That said, they will keep to themselves, so if you have a larger space, then your flush mount will need some extra help from other lighting fixtures. Yet your primary source is, at least, unadorned and out of control.

Outdoor Lighting: Evening Ambiance

Host a casual girls’ night on your balcony with a few solar-powered fairy lights. Glam up a beautiful reception in your gazebo with lanterns. Know where your outdoor outlets are located until weaving the power cord of an attachment between trees, railings, or trellises. In case of a storm, you should also protect your fittings so that you don't end up with a tangled mess.

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