Home Lighting Tips Made Easy


Lighting in your home can dramatically change the appearance of every room. The function of lights are not just only to give you a light source, but they also high light unique characteristics of rooms. Here are some tips to improve lighting and highlight the special design features or furnishings of your home.

1. Decide on the Style 

Get rid of the shadows in rooms, but before installing more lights, have an idea of the type of fixtures and the mood you are attempting to create Start with identifying what features and elements of the room you’d like to emphasize. Make sure to look for small details in the room that share something in common. For example, look for the hardware in the room that might be brushed nickel or other distinctive features then choose light fixtures with that same finish. 

Think about different themes for each room. For example, in your office, you may need more task lighting than in other rooms, and in the living room, you may want more accent lighting to highlight different elements of the room. 

There are no restrictions on lighting, so it’s okay to mix things up! Lighting provides endless options for creating the feel and mood for any room in your home!

2. The 3 Basics of Lighting

Generally, there are three types of lighting for most rooms, ambient/general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is needed in almost every room to provide a general level of light. Ambient is a good starting point for lighting in any room. Task lighting spotlights and details an area usually used for work space, or other tasks, such as reading, cooking, and writing. The last type of lighting is accent lighting. Accent lighting can be used for decorating the room and emphasizing certain details of a room. Accent lighting also serves as a secondary light, providing light to the places where ambient light can’t reach. Use lighting to create a unique, one of a kind mood and experience by using different types of lights. If you need any further help with understanding how to use lighting in your home, or on any other electrical project, feel free to call us, especially, if you are near the communities of MartinezFairfield or Concord, give us a call!

3. Ambient and General Lighting for Your Rooms

Ambient lighting is needed for usually every room. For example, a living room lighting idea is using ambient lighting in the living room in two different kinds of overhead lights. Use spot lights throughout to provide a general level of light. Have large ceiling light fixtures or a pendent in the center of the ceiling and for kitchen lighting, the brighter the light the better.

4. Task Lighting and Accent Lights

Task lights can also be used as a unique decorative piece, or an accent light. Task lights can of course be used in offices, but they are also useful in the kitchen, bedroom, and in the living room. In your bedroom, a floor lamp might be used as a task light and an accents light, two in one! Use a huge arc floor lamp to add more character to your room for the purpose of a task light and an accent light.

5. Double Check on the Measurements!

Upon deciding what type of light you want for your room, make sure to double check on the light’s shade, size, and shape. It is important to check the dimensions. Hanging lights especially are tricky, you want the light to clear the head of the tallest member in your home and have them out of their view. If you’re having trouble with some of these steps, don’t hesitate to call us at Frontline Electrical Services!

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