Are My Lights The Right Color Temperature?


Are My Lights The Right Color Temperature?

The color temperature of an LED lamp is indicated in the measuring unit Kelvin (K) on a scale of 1000 to 10.000. As the temperature of a lamp rises, the light changes from red to orange, to yellow, to white and finally to a blue-white color. Low color temperatures are therefore experienced as hot and high temperatures as cool.

Below a few everyday examples:

  • The glow of fire is about 2000K and therefore has a very warm light color.
  • A sunset is about 4000K and has a cool white light color.
  • An average sunny day is between 5000 and 5500K and has a cool light color.
  • A cloudy winter day is around 7000K and is experienced as quite cool.

Which light color do you need?

A 2000-3000 K color temperature lamp provides a warm white light. The warm character creates an atmosphere of calmness, coziness and intimacy. In this category, lighting is suitable for the living room or the bedroom. Furthermore, we see that LED panels are often used as shop lighting in this light color. The character that strengthens the atmosphere lends itself ideally for that.

Lamps falling between 3100 and 4500 K with a neutral light color. One can characterize the color as clear and lively. The bathroom is a space where a neutral, white color fits well. The most popular option for this form of lighting is as office lighting. The neutral light color is seen as the perfect sweet spot between too hot on the one side, and too dark blue on the other.

The category daylight white tends to be the most blue and falls between 4600 and 6500K. This light helps you to concentrate and keeps you alert. That is why lighting in this category is ideal for rooms where you need to be able to concentrate, such as your workroom or your countertop lighting. This type of lighting is often used in situations where no daylight enters, such as a warehouse or workshop.

Office lighting

We looked up at your home setting up above. In rooms where you want to create a comfortable environment, such as the living room or bedroom, warm lighting is used. You use cooler lighting in a bathroom or office, so you can see more clearly and function in a focused manner. But which type of color of light is better used in the office? Productivity is very critical and therefore many studies in which color temperature works best in an office situation have been performed.

Various studies have shown that, when we operate under cooler lighting, our efficiency is higher than in warm light. Many studies have shown that daylight provides different benefits for wellbeing.

Researchers at the University of Greenwich found that workers with a high color temperature operating under lighting are much more efficient. Work performance improved, because mental acuity, stamina, and alertness increased. In addition, the subjects became less tired and showed less sleepiness.

Programmed light: the future?

Just as the outside light changes during the day, you might also want to be able to adjust your home or office lighting. You are at work during the day, and you need to focus. You want to be able to relax in the evening and it’s necessary to have melatonin in your body.

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