Fairfield, California

In the Northern Bay sub-region of San Francisco Bay Area, Fairfield is located, in the county headquarters of Solano County, California. The hub is known to be roughly 40 miles (64 km), from both San Francisco and Sacramento, from Oakland’s town center and less than 19 km from Napa Valley, 16 miles (26 km) from Carquinez Bridge and 23 km (14 miles) from Benicia Bridge, and nearly 30 km (26 km) from San Francisco and Sacramento counties. In 1856, Fairfield was established, named after his former home town Fairfield in the Connecticut state, by Captain Robert H. Waterman.

It is slightly smaller than Vallejo, having a population of 108,321 in the 2010 census. Suisun County, Vacaville, Rio Vista, Benicia and Napa are other nearby towns. In the Rockville and Green Valley region, native Americans, like those of Ion society, lived. Artefacts discovered in some earliest Fairfield human inhabitants date back five or six thousand years, rendering it one of Northern California’s largest tribal communities.

Fairfield was formally founded in 1903 and is a prosperous community with healthy families and strong businesses. The county seat in the heart of Solano County since 1858, Fairfield is a diverse, lively business. Good quality of life, reasonable housing costs and a variety of shopping opportunities allow Fairfield a place to live and work with families. The community is built in the coastal areas of California. The community is focused on Suisun Bay to the north and the San Pablo Bay to the northeast. In many areas of Suisu Bay there is the lake of Suisun, the biggest wetlands on the western shore of the USA. The town boasts of NorthBay Medical Center campus, a medical facility with 154 beds and an on-site trauma center at level II.

The first contact with Europe was in 1810, when the Spanish government forced the Suisun Indians to be defeated. In 1835, General Vallejo of Mexico was so triumphant in the triumph over Chief Sem Yeto that he was later a supporter in wars with other territorial states. Rancho Suisun was given the Mexican estate by Indian Chef Solano in 1837. Such investment ended in the possession of Robert H. Waterman, a ship clipper captain of Fairfield, Connecticut. In 1856 not only he split the area, but also joined Fairfield in a shrewd business case in the 1858 fight to win the headquarters of the county Solano.

Fairfield is an amazing city full of landmarks that you should plan to visit:

  • Travis Air Force Base
  • Headquarters of Jelly Belly
  • Rockville Hills Regional Park
  • Fairfield Linear Park
  • Alan Witt Park
  • Dover Park
  • Sunrise Park
  • Ridgeview Park
  • Laurel Creek Park

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