Travis Air Force Base

Travis Air Force Base

690 Airmen Dr, Travis AFB, CA 94535, United States

An air force base is located in the United States, three thousand miles (5 km) east of the Central Business District Fairfield, Solana County, California, United States, and is operationally controlled by the Air Mobility Command (AMC). Travis Air Force Base, located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is known as the “Gateway to the Pacific," handles more freight and passenger traffic.

The foundation has a proud history of supporting international and domestic humanitarian aviation operations. Today Travis AFB has about 7,260 staff active in the US, 4,250 staff in the Air Force Reserve and 3,770 civilians. As several military families and veterans have opted to make Fairfield their permanent residence, Travis AFB has a huge impact on the community. Travis AFB is also the city's largest employer as well as Solano County and Travis ' vast workers have more than $1 billion in local economic benefits per year. Many highly skilled workers are also active in the local workforce.

Well preserved museum of aviation. Good place to burn for a while if you are waiting for an AMC terminal aircraft. Some old people kept the desk and we spoke a little about the plot. Excellent static outdoor displays and indoors. Here's a lot to learn. This is worth seeing many static aircraft and interesting exhibits. This is worth seeing. In the old commissary base the museum is pretty large. It can be daunting to visit. You just pull up to the gate, show the ID and drive to the museum if you're retired military. If you are non-military, you have to park and take the shuttle.

Service incredible. Supported exceptionally. The base and the Air Force are rich in history. Top-class center of enthusiastic and professional staff. The museum of aviation is very well arranged. It is situated in Travis AFB and is publicly available. If your access to military facilities is valid, call the Heritage Center that will collect you and your guests at the front door. Many vintage military aircraft are on display abroad. The aircraft are closely packed so that everyone has to walk minimally. Some of the aircraft were open to visitors. Everybody's got something here.

This amazing landmark is located near the following parks in Fairfield, California:

  • Travis Air Force Base
  • Headquarters of Jelly Belly
  • Rockville Hills Regional Park
  • Fairfield Linear Park
  • Alan Witt Park
  • Dover Park
  • Sunrise Park
  • Ridgeview Park
  • Laurel Creek Park

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