Rockville Hills Regional Park

Rockville Hills Regional Park 

2149 Rockville Rd, Fairfield, CA 94534

Nearly 600 acres of greylands and oak forest in Rockville Hills Park was protected. Walkers, mountain bikers and families can admire the exotic trees and plants, rock formations and paths in this beautiful area of over 30 miles. A diverse range of species in the park is covered by its abundant, fertile and varied living spaces. Between sunrise to sunset, Rockville Hills is available all year. At both entrances passes into the park can be purchased. All the time you visit the Park you need to have a free pass and a personal identification.

Rockville Hills Regional Park is a Regional Park in Fairfield City, Solano County, Usa, California, situated on the coastline (256 acres, 2.56 km2). The park's volcanic rocks, thin topsoil, grasses and blue oak trees are renowned. Oak trees, grasslands, chaparral and certain water ecosystems are also accessible. In the 1960's, Fairfield City built on the property a golf course but planned instead to transform the region into a trailed preserve. In the park at the request of PG&E, the major power company in California, close to 200 oak and manzanita trees were removed in 2012 to avoid fires.

In 2015, Sacramento Bee was claimed to be one of the best mountain bike places in the area of San Francisco Bay. Due to a red flag, a wildfire probability warning, the park was closed in 2018. This has never occurred despite the fact that the park was never conflated. The central 4H Club has cleansed trash in 2018, growing native plants, spreading moose seeds on graffiti blocks. In addition to wolves, rabbits, waterfowl, hawks and bobcats, the park has cows and birds at their fingertips.

In severe weather, Rockville Hills Park will be closed to reduce both the risk of wildfire in the winter and the damage caused by spring rains. The strategy has been introduced in order to protect and maintain these natural resources. Visit the main page in the City of Fairfield or press releases to see the current information regarding the Red Flag closure.  Anyone in the park is read from the Park Rangers during Red Flag Closures. Each location is clearly indicated in the rules. Be courteous and comply with all rules with other visitors and local residents. Rangers Park has the right to accuse non-compliant tourists.

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