Ridgeview Park

Ridgeview Park

4966 Silver Creek Rd, Fairfield, CA 94534

A Kiddie Playground, the Toddler Playground, Picnic Areas, the Grassy Area, the Ballfield, and half of the Basketball Courts are part of the Amenities Zone. In Solano County of California, Ridgeview Park is situated. The road and street number is 4966 on the Silver Creek street.

Great place for your children to take. Quite tidy and pleasant park next to school in Oakbrook. Nice clean park close to the school of Oakbrook. Great quarter. Great quarter. Great for resources after the ride. You need a basketball or picnic water fountain, but it's perfect for something other than that. A fully nice park: bikes, slides, courts for basketball and plenty of lawn. Beautiful field. Great park for children to use before a nap to burn the energy. It could be better maintained but it's a nice park that lasts a while, in the courts next to it, you can also play basketball. A wonderful park with tranquility.

Big, quiet, well held. Great for cycling, biking or playing. A playground and a court are available for basketball. Children who live near this park are often playing basketball with their afternoon friends at school, or in this district. Nice big park with a small creek. Nice big park. Great neighborhood park. Great neighborhood park. Lovely park trailer.  Great neighborhood field, great neighborhood park. A very big, clean park. This is a family friendly park with many places for children to play at, including a few basketball courts. 

The beautiful city of San Francisco Bay is Fairfield, California. The city is the home of Solano Community College, which offers industrial students two years ' training in order to prepare them for exciting careers as leaders of companies, nurses, entertainers, well-considered social workers and excellent mathematicians and scientists. Most committed students begin here and go to a 4-year University in one of the great neighboring communities. The Milan Cosmetology Institute also gives graduates a profession in hair cutting. The city is important for the safety of the nation as the occupied Travis Air Force Base is located.

The kiddie park provides a great are for children to play and have a great time at this park. In the hot summer time, there is some shade from the trees for people in the park to rest in.

This amazing landmark is located near the following parks in Fairfield, California:

  • Travis Air Force Base 
  • Laurel Creek Park
  • Headquarters of Jelly Belly
  • Fairfield Linear Park
  • Alan Witt Park
  • Dover Park
  • Rockville Hills Regional Park
  • Sunrise Park
  • Ridgeview Park

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