Fairfield Linear Park

Fairfield Linear Park 

Fairfield, CA 94533

Fairfield is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages with its steep hills, endless skyline and beautiful scenic views. Walking through the Mountains in the Rockville Hills Regional Park, motorbiking through the beauty of the Suisun Valley, picnicking in a family at the Rush Ranch in the mountains or flying a kite high above Lynch Canyon–whether you are a child or a grownup, a bird-watcher, a photographer, a skilled runner.

A linear park is a much longer than broad park in an urban or suburban setting. Some tracks have been disused and converted for recreational use, while others have used public land strips along canals, streams, extended defense walls, electricity lines, highways and shorelines. These are often also referred to as greenways. A linear coastal park is classified in Australia as a woodland. Parking is situated on Dana Avenue east of the Pennsylvania Avenue junction. The Linear Bike Trail runs to Solano Community College throughout the area. This gives people a protected footpath and cycle path. 2nd and 5th Streets Linear Park Playgrounds are open for use. For information on how to adopt this playground, please call 707.428.7767 or email Karen Rees. Linear Park Trail is available for adoption from West Texas and Chadbourne. For guidance on how to use this facility, please call 707.428.7767 or contact Karen Rees. It was accepted by staff appointed to Rose Garden.

This park is great, but it can improve further by placing somewhere in a bathroom. It's great for long walks and for long jogging. This trail crosses many beautiful districts with lots of great landscapes.

Exit Interstate 80 on Abernathy Road and go north for 0.5 miles to reach the Solano Community College trail. The bike path that runs along I-80 is crossed. Take Rockville Road at 1,7 miles to the left. Go to the Valley Route of Suisun and turn left. Go to Solano Community College for 0.3 mile. The bike path begins behind the soccer fields on the rear of the huge campus, and adjacent to a small bridge over a tumble to the baseball field. Exit I-80 at Travis Boulevard to get to Solano Mall. Give Solano Mall east 0.5 miles. Solano Mall has plenty of space. The walk ends at the sign for PARCOURSE in the grassy park area on the other side of the Travis Boulevard between the Solano Mall Road and Travis Boulevard intersection. Solano Mall Road is one of the mall's main entrances. A traffic light lets the busy Travis Boulevard pass.

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