Laurel Creek Park

Laurel Creek Park

2986 Gulf Dr, Fairfield, CA 94533

This summer and fall, new security measures will be built throughout the city.  Functions include LED lighting at security level, loitering dissuasion and hidden video surveillance systems.  Please forgive the dust and discomfort while improving. The work is expected to begin on 25 June 2018 and to be finished by the end of the year. Park services include youth and town picnic areas (reservations recommended), barbeques, fitness centers, horse-drawn walking trails, golf courses from Paradise Valley to the Marsh City Habitat Centre, and the restored neighborhood facilities at Creeks Neighborhood Centre.

A green space city park, a basketball court and a playground, and an after-school program center. Located on Cement Hill Road and Peppertree Parkway, this city park in Fairfield. Come out and enjoy this famous park with your kids! See a baseball game, play the game and sit in the picnic area. Facilities required for toilets. Please contact your park staff to rent space for your case.

The services have up-to-date barbecues, several activities to do for youngsters, plenty of lawn and a good roof. The toilets are not very nice. Bring your equipment. Use your own materials. All and everything is nice area. Nice children’s park. One of Fairfield’s safer ones. Big Baseball and BBQ area Nice neighborhood park. A very good park consisting of baseball diamonds, clean toilets, shade and green grass. Still a lovely park and start a bit outdated, but generally safe as long as the police hold the poor away.

Nice place to stroll early in the morning, but other things can be undertaken such as family picnics and some sporting activities. Laurel Creek is enjoyed by people in all kinds of weather for many years. Skiing on cross-country in a snow storm, canoeing in smooth dead water or facing a strong headwind on a windy day, camping with dogs on many fun tracks. Each visit was unparalleled and pleasant. And there’s a chance to meet like-minded people of all ages so cultures who love the outdoors. Good place to meet friends. For the early morning hours, the area is fresh and calm. Still a lovely feeling. The sky is shaded. A ton of garbage can be noticed throughout the park. Great weekend place in entertainment. Fresh, enjoyable for youngsters, plenty of event tables, big tents, cool.

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