Dover Park

Dover Park 

800 E Travis Blvd, Fairfield, CA 94533

Located in Flamingo and Travis Blvd, the Fairfield City Park takes the kids to a picnic spot, play equipment and fishing. This is the way to go! Contact the park line for renting space for your event. Green park with swimming pools, walking trails, a ton and a garden, hiking, gazebo and picnic area. The City of Fairfield Design Award for 2008/2009 has been presented to Over Neighborhood Park. Landscape Architects, Inc. has been awarded by Callander Associates. The California Parks and Recreational Association gave Dover Community Park the 2009 Achievement Award in Park Planning and Design.

Parking facilities include: Two large pools with picnic area, Gazebo, Teen Playground, Toddler Playground, Large open grassy area, Fishing (for 16 years old and over a valid California Fishing License is required), Walking Paths with safety light. This park is even better than it used to be, the city has cleaned up the park.  There was also a great walking round the park. Not much people around the park. There's so much desert. Canadian Geese, Egrets, Mallards, Drakes, Ghettos, Ducks pigeons, Seagulls, children's playground equipment for picnics, outdoor games or jogging, walking the pool, taking good photos for Birthday party! Excellent for promotional photos too. The scenery of this park is always great and it never gets old. 

Picnic tables, two play areas, a footpath and a large open field. Basketball court. Ideal for kite sailing. Good to catch and play. Though I wouldn't swim in the pool, children could still play in sand, two independently car parks and a “beach." Downtown Dover is a short walk away. Sometimes people feed the ducks and pigeons in the water and the water is always remains clean. Very nice park. Very nice. Gorgeous and rather clean birds. There are many birds and geese, a well and a great playground. The Mediterranean condition of Fairfield is a hot-summer. Hot summers with cool, long dry nights, whilst winters are frequent with mild to cool temperatures. This park has moderate shade during the summer time, providing a cool area to rest in. The water also provides a nice visual of a cool breeze during the summer time.

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