Lake Herman Recreation Area

Lake Herman Recreation Area

7 Lake Herman Rd, Benicia, CA 94510

The State Recreation Area of Benicia is a state park system for the conservation of coastal wetlands in California, USA. The apartment is located 2 miles (3.2 km) west of downtown Benicia in the Solano county town of Benicia, bordering the Vallejo district of Glen Cove. The park covers an area of 447 acres in the northeastern part of the Carquinez Straits with grassy mountains and rocky beaches. The Southampton Creek, and Southampton Bay, a tidal marsh on the northside of San Francisco Bay, where the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers combined.

The first ship to enter San Francisco Bay on August 5, 1775 — don José de Cañizares — who sailed on the San Carlos with Don Juan Manuel de Ayala on an overland expedition of 1769 — named the Bay of Benicia north and western Puerto de Las Asunta, because it was discovered at that time in 1775. The cove is known by the famous 1781 San Francisco Bay map of Cañizares as “J." The current name, Southampton Bay, refers to the Southampton Navy frigate which, along with a small fleet, anchored to the bay in 1849 by Commodore Thomas A. Catesby Jones. Rocky Point is classified as the sandstone point of Benicia SRA.

Nice quiet area for walking or running with and without family or animals, and the most beautiful part is a picnic trail for people to walk to the Benicia Community Park. In summer mornings if you like quitting and peace. Love listening to water springing while you think deeply. Beautiful place to stroll you. Still quite quiet. There are also picnic tables. Walk all the way to the lake above the hill for a great view. Nice little lake with beautiful scenery. A perfect spot to relax and enjoy nature's magnificent sights and sounds. Beautiful park for small gatherings or just for a bit.

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