Fischer Hanlon House

Fischer Hanlon House

115 W G St, Benicia, CA 94510

Once a Gold Rush hotel on First Street was this charming residence.  After a fire in 1856, a Swiss-born Benicia dealer, Joseph Fischer, purchased the building and moved it.  He had it worked over here, installed porches, quarters and private rooms for his wife. For marriage and special occasions, the beautiful Victorian Garden is open.

It was very nice, and to learn about the history was very interesting. Surely it’s spooky, and they say it could be haunted. The fact that they play the piano occasionally still in the house is really fascinating. It certainly deserves a tour. The escalators are quite steep and if you have problems, take care and hold the railings tight. The stairs are very steep. The house was unique, lovely and interesting. The greenhouse was perfect, too. This historic building is worth a visit. The trip they gave appreciated money and time. Many people initially didn’t know the building, but after that they’ll know so much.

The Fischer-Hanlon House guided tour was very pleasant. It is a historic home full of original décor and furnishings. The ride takes approximately 45 minutes. It was fascinating to see how people lived without modern conveniences a long time ago. The estate of Fischer Hanlon is a long way back to the days of Benicia. A house that demonstrates how life was lived in everyday luxuries without electricity, gas stove, heaters or air conditioning… At the time of construction the furnishings are authentic. The garden offers years ago plants and trees. The docent’s trip was very fascinating and interested in the early history of California.

The historical background of Fischer-Hanlon House is important in Benicia. The area around the ancestral house of the two stories was very good and well-kept. The two-story home tour was very informative. The tour guide said the house used to be a hotel in gold rush. In 1856 the family Fischer bought it. The community Fischer was a trader in Benecia. The history of the place on the garden area plaque can also be read. On the street where the house is there is a small parking space. The house was relocated to its present location in Benicia, after being transferred to the state.

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