Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline Park



Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline Park 

Port Costa CA 94569


Ever wanted to get away for awhile? Well the Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline park is the place to go. Leave the hustle and bustle and just relax to the sounds of the water crashing against the shoreline?! This is it. This is that place. Hidden amongst the beautiful Crockett Hills lay this peaceful little shoreline. Equipped with an adorable pier, a dog park, and the most stunning view of the Carquinez Bridge in the distance. A set of live train tracks will be the only thing that will separate you from this beauty. You can grab your poles and enjoy a day of fishing on Eckley Pier. Bring the dogs and play fetch in the park. Explore the creepy little house on the corner of the path, or take the scary hiking trail that will lead you to the end of nowhere. But really, I don't advise you to take that trail. I did it, and it was quite scary. There are a few trails at the top of the hill that are totally doable, however.

This place has such a great views of the Carquinez Strait – a fun, country lane drive getting there. It feels almost as if you're outside of California. This small gem of a park is a favorite destination. Great for a hike, a walk, a picnic, or even just a place to get fresh air. Its awesome! Great place for a light hike and hanging out. Quick walk with a bench at the top come for a nice picnic lunch. So much potential. Amazing when the weather is just right. Great view of Port Costa and Carquinez Strait, got some awesome pictures very scenic, great for any up and coming photographers. Beautiful Shoreline directly across from Benicia. Sunrises and sunsets are popular as are town wide events in the small town of Port Costa. Get a real sense of community when coming here, everyone is very friendly and neighborly. Occasionally see pet owners and their animals 

Nice hiking area with beautiful views. Very recommendable for walking dogs too, unless you are scared of freely roaming cows.A lovely, secluded trail between Martinez and Port Costa winding along the hills by the water.


This amazing location is located in beautiful Benicia, California, along with these other must-see places of interest: 


  • Crockett Hills Regional Park
  • Benicia State Recreation Center
  • Ninth Street Park
  •  Benicia Capitol State Historic Park
  • Benicia City Clocktower
  • Benicia Community Park
  • Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge 
  • Benicia Historical Museum
  • Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline Park
  • Benicia-Martinez Bridge


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