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Benicia Fire Department

 150 Military W, Benicia, CA 94510

The Benicia Fire Department has a volunteer system working under the direction of the Fire Chief. The volunteers are used in supporting capacity and work in the defense of our society alongside our professional firefighters.

The three levels of volunteer participation are:

  • Reserve Firefighter

Under the general direction of a Fire Chief, the Reserve Firefighter responds to alarms, rescue and other emergency calls, assists with the safety of life and property endangered by fire or other hazards, administers first aid and engages in fire prevention activities including the inspection of commercial and residential buildings to ensure compliance with federal , state and local fire prevention law. The Reserve Firefighter also participates in routine training, exercises, and research events, assists in maintaining fire stations, appliances, and equipment, may participate in scheduled public relations activities, and perform other duties as assigned.

  • Phoenix Volunteer Firefighter

Phoenix Volunteers assist the fire department both in the case of an emergency and during routine training. Members of the Phoenix Community shall make Volunteer firefighting or other emergency duties on occasions where such increase to the Benicia Fire Department is necessary to public health and protection, in the opinion of the Fire Chief or any appointed officer(s). This assistance comes in the form of emergency operations that are consistent with the role of the Volunteer Firefighter, as well as other assigned duties.

  • Logistical Support Unit

Members of the Logistical Support Unit (LSU) provide fire department logistical assistance in both emergency events and regular operations. Members can on occasion make non-firefighting or other emergency aid duties. This assistance is in the form of staff rehabilitation, sharing of breathing air bottles (SCBA), assistance of the Incident Command, and other duties as assigned. This could include tasks such as staffing the front desk at station headquarters to have a formal presence at station during emergency or high demand periods.

Participation in Benicia Volunteer Firemen, Inc. Is required

The entry level requirements vary slightly for each of the groups, however, in general, interested individuals must be:

  • 18-years of age
  • In good health
  • Physically capable of performing the duties
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Be able to pass a basic background check.


Individuals must also be willing to:

  • Participate in ongoing training
  • Respond to requests for assistance
  • Meet minimum participation expectations.

This important government office is located near the following facilities in Benicia, California:

  • Benicia Police Department
  • CHP Golden Gate Division
  • City of Benicia – Parks & Community Services
  • US Transportation Department
  • Benicia Water Billing & Service
  • Benicia City Clerk

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