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Benicia City Clerk

250 E L St, Benicia, CA 94510

The City Clerk is an elected official who acts as the officer of municipal elections who administers civic procedures such as voting, access to City records and all legislative activities, maintaining accountability for the public. The City Clerk acts as an enforcement officer for federal , state and municipal statutes like the Political Reform Act, the Brown Act, and the Public Records Act.  Additionally, the City Clerk: 

  • Manages the City Council’s agenda
  • Posts and publishes legal notices and documents
  • Maintains the Municipal Code
  • Maintains custody of the City Seal
  • Administers the Oath of Office
  • Provides support to Mayor and City Council


Deputy City Clerk

To carry out complicated and professional administrative and analytical duties in the Office of the City Clerk and the Office of the City Manager; to assist and promote the execution of officially approved activities of the Office of the City Clerk, including the preservation of official records of the City, the collection and recording of information concerning municipal acts and the conduct of elections; and to meet and assist with these activities; Serve as City Clerk if necessary.


Receives overall oversight from appointed supervisory staff. The employee performs a wide variety of highly accountable and dynamic administrative duties. Including support for City Council meetings, support for elections, accountability for computer services at the administrator level, preserving official City documents and records.

Can exercise, as needed, technical oversight over administrative support staff.

Representative Duties / Qualifications:

Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assist the local official in collecting, preparing for delivery or reviewing the local council’s acts regarding motions, ordinances, annexations, requests, contracts, grievance correspondence and other papers.
  • Assist the City Clerk in preparing final copies and circulating minutes of municipal council meetings; assist in preparing and circulating agenda documents for local councils, collecting appropriate input from municipal departments.
  • Attend city council or other public meetings where appropriate, take and transcribe minutes, plan the required follow-up correspondence and internal reports on actions taken.
  • Coordinate the registration of City Board members and commissions including tracking appointment terms, posting vacant seat notices, and ensuring the completion and filing of appropriate conflict of interest statements.
  • Arrange the County Clerk to register deeds, easements, rights of way, and other legal records.
  • Prepare legal notices and help in the proofreading of legal documents and prepare for the printing.
  • Create and preserve files relating to the City Council’s ordinances, leases, agreements and other official acts.
  • Perform public record searches as necessary and in accordance with legislative requirements; assist in the maintenance and storage of Citywide records and information filing systems. Coordinate answers to enquiries under the Public Records Act and Grand Jury reports.
  • Assist with the conduct of City elections, including the preparation of candidate packets, information verification and form collection, and voter registration.
  • Assemble and summarize data and statistics; and prepare reports for review in draft form.
  • Process claims and other legal proceedings against the City.
  • May act for the City Clerk as authorized; may be assigned work of a confidential nature.
  • Oversee the current amendments and general maintenance of the City Municipal Code.
  • Compose acknowledgments and transmittal letters.
  • Provide details and assist the public at the counter, by phone, by telephone.
  • Receive and refer complainants and/or officials to the correct agency.
  • Using good customer service concepts, create and maintain positive working relationships with colleagues, other City employees and the general public.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.

This important government office is located near the following facilities in Benicia, California:

  • Benicia Police Department
  • Benicia Fire Department
  • CHP Golden Gate Division
  • City of Benicia – Parks & Community Services
  • US Transportation Department
  • Benicia Water Billing & Service

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