About Home Security Cameras

 About Home Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras are closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras which transmit a video and audio signal through a radio band to a wireless receiver. Most wireless surveillance cameras need power from at least one cable or wire; “wireless" refers to the video / audio transmission. Nevertheless, some battery-powered wireless surveillance cameras make the cameras completely wireless from top to bottom.

Thanks to their low installation costs and versatile mounting options, wireless cameras are common among modern security consumers; wireless cameras can be mounted / installed in locations previously inaccessible to traditional wired cameras. In addition to the ease of use and flexibility of connectivity, wireless security cameras help users to exploit wireless broadband internet to provide seamless over-air video streaming.

Wireless security cameras are becoming increasingly popular on the consumer market, becoming a cost-effective way to get a robust surveillance system built at an even cheaper price in a home or company. Wireless cameras are also suitable for people who rent apartments or homes. As there is no need to pass video extension cables through walls or ceilings, the installation of a wireless surveillance camera system does not require a landlord approval. In addition, the lack of wiring makes less “clutter," thereby preventing harm to a building’s look.

Two types of home security cameras are Analog Wireless and Digital Wireless Cameras which are used and applied in home security systems, used as barn cameras as well as used by law enforcement to deter crimes. 

Home surveillance cameras are critical to securing your house. Package robberies and home burglars shouldn’t be able to get away unnoticed with their deeds, and yet it’s possible they’ll be long gone before you even know you’re a victim.

So what are the important features to consider when purchasing a security camera to protect your homes from unwanted visitors? 

  • Video quality – The higher the resolution of the camera the better the images.
  • Audio – Two-way audio lets you hear and speak with guests (who are both welcome and unwelcome). This feature is usually associated with video doorbells but many indoor cameras also have this feature. You may use two-way audio as a warning feature when an unwanted guest passes in.
  • Focus on Area – Most security cameras allow you to set up custom activity zones, which means you are selecting the areas most important to catch movement. One of the main advantages of this feature is that it prevents you from being informed of trivial behavior, such as a car driving by your camera or an insect flying by it.
  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom features – Cameras with remote controlled pan, tilt and zoom functionality are suitable for covering larger areas and allow the user to get the best viewing angle possible without re-positioning the camera physically.
  • Night View – Clear night vision is one of the most critical features for surveillance cameras outdoors.
  • Alert on Activity – Activity alerts warn the user any time there is significant activity near the camera. Find out whether updates can be received through push notifications, text messages and/or email.
  • Mobile Compatibility – Many of today’s outdoor surveillance cameras will live stream a feed directly to your mobile device. If you want to be able to check in for extended times during the day or when traveling, this is a great feature to have. 
  • Online Storage – You’ll want to look for cloud storage, which means you’ll save your recordings online. 

The type of security camera that you select depends on the area(s) that you are searching for. When you want to track the outside, car or even a pet’s inspection of your house, an outdoor camera is best as most HD video features and has weatherproof qualities. Some of the outdoor cameras you’ll find today even come with warning features designed to help fend off unwanted visitors, such as an automatic light and siren.

If you want to track a room within your house, an indoor camera will give you the features that you need. You may use an indoor camera with two-way contact not only to search for suspicious behavior, but also to check in on loved ones, such as children or an elderly person.

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