9 Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About Electricity

9 Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About ElectricityCan you imagine living without electricity?  How much do you really know about electricity? It plays a big part in our day to day life but we bet you don’t know all the ways it’s used to benefit humanity. Here are some cool facts about electricity – guaranteed to amaze your friends and ignite some lively dinner conversations!

1. Does Electricity Travel Faster than Light?

Electricity and light both travel at the same speed! Electricity travels at the speed of light, that’s 186,000 miles per second! That means that every electrical impulse can travel around the earth about 7 times in a second!  Beat that Superman! 🙂

2. Electric Eels Are Actually Electric

Did you know electric eels has a voltage up to 600V and has a discharge about 1A of current? That’s enough to kill you if the shock is close to the heart. They can also shock you from 6 feet away so be careful the next time you are in the Amazon!

3. Electricity in Your Body?

Your heart is moving because of electricity! The muscle cells in the heart are contracted by electricity that runs through your body. The electricity signals other cells to move so without them, the heart wouldn’t contract and wouldn’t pump blood throughout your body. This is what makes defibrillators such an amazing life-saving tool for first responders. “Clear!”

4. How is Electricity Generated?

Electricity can be generated from water, the sun, wind, and even animal manure!  Power can be reused from those methods as well. Iceland is the only country that relies on renewable power and is powered only on hydroelectric and geothermal sources. One power plant can generate enough electricity for 180,000 homes!

5. Static Electricity is Actually Electricity

Did you know that a spark of static electricity can be about 3,000 volts? That’s enough to kill you, but don’t worry – usually the energy discharged is not enough to do more than give you a serious jolt.  (Unless you’ve been flying in a helicopter: “Charges of 60,000 volts have been measured in craft hovering above red clay dust and 200,000 volts above loose-packed snow.”)

6. There are People still Living Without Electricity in the World

Did you know that there are still people who don’t have access to electricity in the world? There are approximately 1.2 billion people without electricity. That’s roughly the same amount of people in India! With about 17 percent of the population in the whole world without electricity, the United Nations is working to bring electricity to all by 2030.

7. Wondering about Lightning Bolts?

Have you ever seen a lightning bolt and wondered what it actually was? Lightning always tries to find the easiest path to take to hit the ground. 3 million volts equal to being a single bolt as well. Lightning bolts travel at 130,000 miles per hour and it is about 100 million volts! That’s like the power of a combined 170,000 eels – yikes! (and yuck!)

8. The History of Electricity

Benjamin Franklin didn’t invent electricity but, he proved that lightning was electric in the 18th century. He also found that electricity was attracted to certain materials and could discharge the electric buildup. From what he had found, he invented a rod that would take the lightning to the ground instead of hitting buildings. Afterwards, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and his invention changed the world.

9. Are Tasers Harmful?

Have you ever seen a person getting shocked with a taser? Tasers can actually emit 50,000 volts and can sometimes kill a person when they are tased near the heart. So yep, they can be deadly.

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