8 Common Electrical Problems in Your Home You Need to Know Now

8 Common Electrical Problems in Your Home You Need to Know Now

The electrical health of your home is very important because it can become a serious hazard if not properly maintained. At Frontline Electrical Services, we want you and your home to be as safe as possible from electrical hazards. Here are 10 common electrical problems that you need to be aware to keep your home safe.

1. Extension Cords & Outlets

Electrical outlets are very common in homes today but if not regularly inspected, they can cause some trouble. A common problem with outlets sometimes is that there are too few of them. This can lead to the use of more extension cords. However, extension cords are not meant to be used as a permanent wiring solution to this problem. To fix this, simply contact your local licensed electrician, like the pros at Frontline Electrical Services and have us install more electrical outlets.

2. Loose Outlets

Another red flag of many outlets are if they are loose or/and if the plugs fall out of the outlets often. The unsecured outlets cause the terminals and arc to loosen and could cause a fire. This can be fixed easily as well, buy some spacers or have a new outlet installed by an electrician to replace the old ones.  If you are near the communities of Martinez, Fairfield or Concord, give us a call!

3. Ungrounded and Two-Prong Receptacles

Check for any outlets with two-prong or ungrounded receptacles. If you have some installed in your home, have them replaced with proper grounded three-prong receptacles. You can also test the remaining three-prong receptacles with a GFCI tester to make sure they are grounded.

4. GFCI Receptacles

A very important kind of outlet that is necessary in rooms near water sources in your home are GFCI receptacles. Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets track the amount of electricity that you’re using. This can especially be dangerous near water appliances so make sure you have them installed or contact us at Frontline! If you near Fairfield or Walnut Creek, there are convenient electricians right around the corner at Frontline Electrical Services.

5. Cable Junctions

Check for any place cables and wires meet. These are junctions, and are required to be properly closed in a junction box for safety reasons. Those junction boxes need to be correctly sealed as well with a cover. Make sure that inside the junction box, it’s not over filling with wires or are tangled with them. This is very dangerous and is a code violation of the National Electrical Code so be sure to contact licensed electricians to help you.

6. Aluminum Wires

If you’re living in an old home, particularly a home built around the 1960’s and the 1970’s, you may have aluminum wires instead of copper. Aluminum was used as a substitute instead of copper during that time. This can be hazardous because aluminum oxidizes far more expeditiously compared to copper.

7. Flickering Lights

If any of the lights in your home flicker especially when it’s windy outside, get it checked out. The outside weatherhead might be getting frayed. The fraying will cause the lights to flicker because the wires are getting too short. Contact a licensed electrician to get it fixed!

8. Burning Smell

If there is a burning smell coming from your outlets, please get it checked out by an licensed electrician as soon as possible. The burning smell indicates that the heat is melting the plastic, which can cause a fire. Also, if the outlets themselves are getting hot, unplug any plugs you have plugged in the outlet and get it checked out as well. The outlets shouldn’t be hot at anytime, if you near in Concord or Vallejo, contact your local electricians at Frontline Electrical Services and we will always give you a helping hand!

Many electrical wiring problems can cause a serious hazard in the future to you and your home. Be sure to have your wiring inspected by professionals if you haven’t had one already.

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